About Us

Aged Care in Australia

Over 3.2 million Australians are aged 65 years or older, representing 14% of our population.

By 2051 nearly 20% of Australians will be aged 70 years or older, and the number of people aged 85 years and over is projected to quadruple.

At the same time the Australian aged care industry is currently worth over $11 billion, with nearly 70% of that coming from the taxpayer in the form of subsidies.

Each Australian should have a personal as well as public interest in how the aged care sector is run, and how care services are provided to our elderly.

Complication, Confusion and Anxiety

At Respite Bookings we know that navigating the aged care process is difficult. Too difficult.

A myriad of rules impact on how much a family has to pay to place a loved one in aged care – both temporarily and permanently. There are a number of payment types, each with its own rules. And each of those rules have a different impact on the pension.

The aged care placement decision occurs at a time of high stress and emotion for a family.

For carers, the anxiety only increases. Finding an aged care respite vacancy has traditionally been difficult – involving many phone calls, much stress and a great deal of confusion.

What We Believe

Respite Bookings believe the process of finding, booking and securing respite accommodation should be easy. It should be as easy as making any other booking in any other industry.

We want to take away stress from the respite situation. We want to make your life easier.

Who We Are

Respite Bookings is an initiative of Aged Care Reviews – Australia’s largest aged care consumer review website.

Every respite vacancy displayed on this website will also feature consumer reviews on that facility or business – allowing you to make an informed decision.