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    • Norm Sharp
    • Oct 18, 2016

    How fortunate was our family and in particular our mother Susan Berry to find and be accepted at Murray Vale aged care facility. At a difficult time, and after Sues hospitalisation due to a fall in her home, we visited several age care facilities. Fortune smiled on us and we were blessed to find her accomodation at Murray Vale in a homely, caring and professionally run age care facility. As a family we were naturally concerned that the move would be difficult for all, but after a few short days Mum settled into her new surrounds and loves the friendly staff. We were finally able to relax and not worry 24 hours a day for her safety and care. It is now a pleasure to visit Mum and hear her stories of how good the staff are to her. We know she is well cared for and the staff are always ...

    • Geovanny2364
    • Oct 11, 2016

    My brother is in Care At Murrayvale and has been for about 3 years. He needs lots of care and attention and the staff are only too happy to assist.

    • Olaf9596
    • Aug 23, 2016

    My mother Sue was admitted to Murrayvale Aged Care as a respite resident on 8th July 2016. It is a pleasure to come and visit Sue, its always clean, has a very friendly atmosphere and all the staff ware wonderful. We have decided that Sue can no longer live at home on her own and so she will become a permanent resident on 26th August 2016 and is very happy to do so.

    • Jalon3437
    • Jun 29, 2016

    THis is a place for high care residents and the staff and care for my brother is excellent.

    • Emely4164
    • Jun 29, 2016

    excellent management.wonderful staff.verry pleased with every thing.allan zielke

    • Alessia1410
    • Jun 28, 2016

    My mother has lived at Murrayvale for a number of years and I can not fault the facility. Meals are vey good and are generous servings. Care is top class and the staff are very friendly. The rooms are clean and well kept.

    • Guido5237
    • Jun 28, 2016

    My husband is in residential care and the staff treat him like their own Grand Father.

    • Hillary4094
    • Apr 26, 2016

    My name is Delma and I came to Murrayvale for respite back in February 2016. I knew that I would not be returning home and would have to find permanent care. I love Murrayvale and knew this is where I wanted to stay. The care I get here is wonderful, I couldn't ask for anything better. All the staff including Management, cleaners, laundry people and kitchen are very caring.

    • Liana6829
    • Apr 20, 2016

    Beautiful well cared for gardens that the residents really enjoy. Clean well maintained facilities where the residents are well managed and cared for and look like they feel secure in their surroundings despite their various degrees and stages of dementia.

    • Dec 18, 2015

    The staff at this residence made all the difference to my mums experience and everyday life there, they were just gems everyone one of them they are a credit to their profession.I couldnt praise them more highly.

    • Christina5575
    • Dec 04, 2015

    My name is Marcia kenny and me and my husband Barry have just spent 4 weeks respite at Murrayvale aged care. We both have enjoyed our stay and can not have been looked after any better. The staff are amazing, the food was amazing, our room was great because we were together. If we need care again I hope we can be placed at Murrayvale.

    • sharynen
    • Jul 11, 2015

    the building is getting a bit older, but very comfortable. The care was fantastic. My dad was only in there a fortnight and thought he was being left for long periods of time, but he wasn't. Food was good, but his body was shutting down, so he didn't think it was good. I could not fault the place. The night we got called in to him, staff moved the other resident from that room to another so we could have it to ourselves.

    • Charley7691
    • Jul 08, 2015

    I did not want to go into care but knew I could not look after myself anymore. I am glad I found Murrayvale. I have made some lovely new friends and I am looked after very well.

    • Elijah2864
    • Jul 05, 2015

    The staff always look need and tidy. The building is always clean. The resident all look happy and well dressed. There is a warm happy atmospher in the facility. The manager is very helpful and easy to talk to. I am very happy with my grandfathers care.

    • Conor3380
    • Jul 03, 2015

    Nice little home for the aged. Good staff, nice and clean, great gardens and BBQ area. The lunches look really nice and are served hot and always on time.

    • Danielle9889
    • Jul 02, 2015

    My brother has been a resident at Murrayvale for 15 years. He is always well groomed and always treated with respect and dignity. The staff are all wonderful. The home is always clean and fresh looking and the food is very good.

    • Percy5517
    • Jun 30, 2015

    The staff at MurrayVale Aged Care - Moama NSW, provided excellent service at every level. The care and understanding they demonstrated for my father's needs on site was amazing and reassures our family that he is at last happy, improving in health and enjoying life as well as he can at this stage of his life. The facility manager, Kerry, also ensured that his wife was cared for during the transition, explaining the situation, helping her process and financial and responsibilities and stepping us all as a family through the transition with care and compassion. I cannot speak more highly of all the staff and facilities that are provided by this facility. As a family we thank them sincerely.

    • Tanya5121
    • Jun 29, 2015

    Everything is pretty good. The kitchen always go out of their way to cook me the food I like, and the staff are caring and friendly. The new flooring looks great and improves the overall look of the home.

    • Rafaela2988
    • Jun 25, 2015

    My name is Robin and I have been at Murrayvale for the past 2 week on respite. I originaly thought I was going to dislike it and had concerns, I now have a completely different opinion of this facility. The care staff are fantastic, the food is A1, every day there is entertainment, games, bingo. Management are very nice people and go out ask every day how I am going and is there anything I need. Just magnificent. I hope if I need respite again I can get into Murrayvale.

    • Kelsie2569
    • Jun 24, 2015

    Every thing is good. The staff are great and the meals are very nice. I like the new vinyl it makes the home look really modern.

    • Rey452
    • Jun 22, 2015

    My husband is in very good hands. Un fortunately he is unable to participate in activities or group outings but I'm sure he would love it if he could. He and I both love the care he gets at Murrayvale.

    • Mateo1269
    • Jun 22, 2015

    My name is James and I have been in this facility since 15th of January 2015. All the nursing staff are excellent at their job and excellent just to talk to. The food is of very good quality and quantity. I am very happy with everything here. Management are also very approachable.

    • Brian2122
    • Jun 18, 2015

    My brother Jack was admitted to this facility in September 2012 and sadly passed away on 14th June this year. The staff, the building, the food every thing about Murrayvale is great. I could not have sent him to a better place. the whole time he was at this facility there was never any thing to complain about. I returned t his week to thank all the staff and to tell them what a wonderful Age Care facility they had. That is when the Manager asked my to do a review, I had no hesitation to do so. Great Job

    • Mellie3465
    • Jun 15, 2015

    I Have my Aunty at this facility and find all the staff from domestic right through to nursing and management excellent. The building is always clean, the gardens, lawn and bbq area are very well kept. It's a very nice aged care facility.

    • Cynthia5320
    • Jun 11, 2015

    My father was a resident at this facility 2 years ago and I still think fondly of all the staff. They make you feel that your resident is the most important person in the world. Dad is no longer with us but he loved the care and attention he got

    • Mike569
    • Jun 11, 2015

    My husband Robert came to Murrayvale in September 2007. He has been very well looked after for the past 8 years. My Daughter is the cook at Murrayvale and the meals are great and loved by all the residents, I know this because I visit every day from 11.30am until 1pm. All the residents are very well looked after. I am so glad I picked Murrayvale for my husband.

    • Brianne6724
    • Jun 10, 2015

    I have lunch every Wednesday and Friday with my husband Bill. I was so scared to put Bill into care but knew I could not look after him any longer. I can not believe the care staff at this facility. All the staff have made the transition for me so easy. When I leave Bill I know he will be well looked after. The building is so clean, the hall ways sparkle. Management are very approachable and always helpful. Thank you

    • Alva5005
    • Jun 10, 2015

    I can not see how Murrayvale can improve, there is nothing to improve. Every thing is great and I would not like my wife Kathleen any where but here. I have lunch with Kathleen at Murrayvale every day and nothing is to much trouble for the care staff or cooks. The management are also very caring and helpful. Well done Murrayvale !

    • Janick6268
    • Jun 10, 2015

    The food is great. My father cant participate in any activities or outings but the activities look very good. I love the new flooring and paintings.

    • Scot2070
    • Jun 10, 2015

    The staff at Murrayvale are so caring and are excellent at their job. We as residents have so many activities - singing groups, school choirs visiting, trips to the river on our bus. Every day there is some thing going on. There is a wonderful cook at Murrayvale who serves up the most delicious meals. At the present time the whole of the facility is having new vinyl installed.

    • Freda17
    • May 18, 2015

    My husband entered care three months ago. We were very worried and didn't know what to expect. The staff at the facility are wonderful. The facility has become an extention of our own home when I go and have lunch with Bill at least two to three days a week.We are very happy with the care provided.

    • Brandy197
    • May 18, 2015

    My Husband was admitted 3 months ago. It was a very stressful time .The staff has made this change very easy. I am very happy with the care my husband is recieving. The facility has became like an extension of our own home where I came two to three times a week and enjoy lunch with Bill. I would like to thank everyone

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About UsMurrayvale Aged Care is a modern, purpose-built, high care aged care facility consisting of 50 bedrooms, divided into 16 single and 17 double rooms. Each bedroom has a fully appointed en-suite, built in robes ducted heating, evaporative cooling, ceiling fans, telephone and television outlets and emergency call system. Murrayvale is a high care facility which includes a 32 bed dementia-specific unit and also offers respite care.

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