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    • Emmett9668
    • Feb 17, 2019

    Very happy with the care my mum is receiving. The facility is clean and pleasant to visit with very friendly staff. Food is delicious also.

    • Tzolas1965
    • Nov 12, 2018

    Have found a new family. Even though Dad was only there for 3 and a half weeks, the bond we have formed will be forever cherished. Dad passed away quickly, peacefully. Staff and Residents - God Bless You All.

    • Penn1960
    • Nov 12, 2018

    We found a new family at Scalabrini. They loved us as much as we loved them. Very very friendly - made our father and our family very welcomed and comfortable.

    • mariaferro
    • Sep 25, 2018

    The staff here were wonderful and made us all feel like family.

    • Lydia1505
    • Jul 31, 2017

    Great staff - they actually care.

    • 2421
    • Feb 02, 2017

    My dad has just become a resident here and he is so happy and loves his new home. All the staff love and respect him. I can now not worry about him as I know he is being looked after so well.

    • Bernie
    • Nov 08, 2016

    My father has been a resident for approx 5 years. In that period he has been well cared for and treated with great respect. In he has always spoken well of those who care for him.

    • Sheba
    • Nov 08, 2016

    This is a very good facility. It meets all our requirements.

    • Dorothy832
    • Nov 03, 2016

    The carers and nurses are very kind and do their best at Bexley (Scalabrini). If they could engage dementia patients a bit more by doing craft work which would involve 2 patients to 1 carer, so I suppose money is a problem. I think that if patients could have goldfish in their room it would provide a great distraction and calmness to them.

    • Alexandra1369
    • Nov 03, 2016

    Lack of common sense by nursing staff e.g. flannelette pyjamas worn on a resident on a 34'C day, moving resident in a more comfortable position. Immobile residents require re-positioning every 2 hours which does not happen. Nursing staff not checking on residents in their rooms on a regular basis. Essential for residents who have 'no voice' and cannot press buzzer.

    • ASR2
    • Nov 03, 2016

    Need more staff, especially for the ones near death and doctors to regular check ups. A bit more fresh air circulation would be great, residents are always indoor. Coffee shop wonderful thing to have and relaxing. Thank you. Keep up the caring.

    • SILVANA20
    • Oct 17, 2016

    My father was at Bexley, Milano ground floor for approx 1 year due to a massive stroke. He received the utmost compassionate care from all avenues of staff, manager, care manager, all nursing staff, all care staff, physiotherapy staff and kitchen staff. I am forever grateful tat given his severe disabilities the staff managed to bring out his outgoing and vibrant personality. Even though we would visit each day we would leave Scalabrini Bexley happy and comfortable that he was well looked after. A favourite feature of Milano ground floor is the cafe area, it brings a relaxing and comfortable environment. A great space to share precious time with your loved one.

    • Jos2754
    • Oct 17, 2016

    The overall care is good and acceptable. However over the last few months there has been many new people joining the nursing staff. I feel the commitment to the job at hand is not the same as previously. There needs to be an extensive training system applied in communications and commitment towards the residents. The need to follow instructions as written for the individual as part of training an emphasis on following what has been charted by previous shift staff, doctor and or family members. "(What I did yesterday might not be whats required today)" We have held a meeting with senior staff management of the village regarding some issues and we feel they are committed to bring back the original standards.

    • ferrom
    • Oct 11, 2016

    The staff are lovely, the food is excellent.

    • Lana
    • Oct 03, 2016

    We have always found the staff to be very helpful and caring towards my aunt. Any request on my part is quickly and happily seen to. We could not imagine a better facility for my aunt to be in.

    • julianne2114
    • Sep 22, 2016

    Food is really bad - all the residents complain. I actually bring food in for dad - once a week - I live 120km away. Even the staff have mentioned it's not good.

    • Yanti
    • Sep 20, 2016

    My mother is well cared for in this facility.

    • Erico990
    • Sep 20, 2016

    I would like to see the promises or statements the facility has made kept. Also the food.

    • Santa5958
    • Sep 15, 2016

    My husband seems very happy and content which, in turn, makes me feel more at ease.

    • Sally5989
    • Sep 15, 2016

    The village has been going through refurbishments which I think have been taking too long. My mothers room is small (smaller than her old room) which means that she doesn't spend much time in it. The bathroom is twice the size of the original bathroom but the living area is much smaller. So I am very disappointed. The renovations are very modern but the people are not. I don't think the design has the residents at the heart of it. Overall the staff make up for the buildings shortcomings.

    • Vince2663
    • Sep 13, 2016

    I have been attending Scalabrini Village for 19 years and in that time I have seen the village improve by 80% but I feel there is room for improvement as regards some staff and their duties.

    • Seven
    • Sep 08, 2016

    The village is undergoing improvements (renovations) at the present time. They commenced in the low care (Toscana) and this is proceeding well. The village has a cafeteria (Cafe Roma) situated in Milano (high care) which is well attended at lunch time. I live in the low care section and find its very comfortable.

    • ross795
    • Sep 08, 2016

    My father was in high care for 3.5 years. My mother is current resident very happy with care. Very professional and caring.

    • Dominic6101
    • Aug 30, 2016

    Caring thoughtful staff, placing residents care very highly.

    • Zachary9319
    • Aug 30, 2016

    Could arrange more outings for residents.

    • Silvia1033
    • Aug 29, 2016

    The service and care of my father is excellent. They take care of his health needs, daily needs and arrange activities. He has made many new friends with the residents and staff and enjoys the companionship.

    • Neville3416
    • Aug 29, 2016

    No problems.

    • Cliff Harland
    • Aug 23, 2016

    It is my view that "the care and attention" is sometimes taken to the extreme.

    • Cooper5443
    • Mar 26, 2016

    Excellent care, lead by the sisters

    • Tony168
    • Mar 15, 2016

    As the complex is in ongoing restorations at the moment to Toscoma or Low and later to Rockdale centennial village where I live. It is very pleasant. I am going to become a volunteer at the center in February.

    • river1949
    • Mar 15, 2016

    Very happy with the care provided to my mother. Staff at all levels very appropriate response to any concerns and requests.

    • Vickie
    • Mar 14, 2016

    Fabulous food, extremely caring staff, wonderful entertainment and activities. My father and I are blessed that he was able to spend this next stage of his life in such a lovely environment.

    • mcattarin
    • Mar 01, 2016

    Environment and surrounds are hotel quality. No smells or odour. Very friendly and responsive staff. Culturally aware and sensitive. On site cafe is great for visitors and residents. Quality of care and services is very high.

    • Laika
    • Jan 29, 2016

    The facility which my mother in law is accommodated is a first rate, caring, clean environment. Our whole family is extremely grateful that Scalabrini have looked after my mother-in-law so well - without hesitation we would recommend the facility to everyone.

    • Delilah8
    • Jan 27, 2016

    Very well run facility. Excellent communication - so important. Very friendly, caring staff. Great variety of activities and programs for residents. Great security - huge peace of mind as Mum-in-Law (resident) has dementia.

    • King5
    • Jan 25, 2016

    I think the service and care for patients is excellent. I would recommend Scalabrini to all my friends and relatives. I am very happy of the way the Village is run.

    • Indy2
    • Jan 25, 2016

    Good service, friendly staff, attention to problem. Diabetic diet not attended to promptly. I am yet to see mum on diabetic diet.

    • Jaeden3799
    • Jan 24, 2016

    The dementia ward is extremely well run. Residents are understood and individual attention is always given. The religious nuns who help/work in the facility add to the care given, and their care and attention is much appreciated.

    • Elvio Astri
    • Jan 21, 2016

    Residents have a need to be taken to outside activities at least once a week. They need to feel that their lives as they knew it has not ended.

    • Gloria Collaroy
    • Jan 20, 2016

    I'm very happy with Scalabrini Village Bexley.

    • Brian6236
    • Jan 18, 2016

    Our Dad has been at Bexley for nearly 3 years and from day 1 the attention to detail has been in my and my brother opinion, number 1. From the cleaners, to the managers, excellent. When we come to visit, there is a good relationship between the nursing staff and ourselves. In my honest opinion I cannot fault any level of care that our dad gets, and I think most of the other families feel the same. Thank you, John Frank & Sergio.

    • Brian1
    • Jan 15, 2016

    Scalabrini Bexley is an easy, accessible, suburban location. It is located on a bus route. There is limited visitor parking. Sufficient street parking in non-school periods. Staff are efficient an professional in often taxing situations. They are smiling and caring and ready to assist. The residence has a period facade, but up to date and modern interior. It is clean, comfortable and climate controlled. Residents are not cramped. Menu and diet provide variety for residents. The meals are well constructed and nutritious. Medical care is satisfactory. Over use of hospital transfer seems to have been remedied with better routines and more appropriate risk management. Facilities such as the sensory garden and Roma Coffee Shop provide good places to take residents during a visit. Family ...

    • Fern5957
    • Jan 13, 2016

    Very good.

    • Reginald2326
    • Jan 05, 2016

    My mother entered Scalabrini Village towards the end of 2015 as she required a high care facility. From the initial meeting with staff right up to now I can't fault the care and compassion all the staff give the residents. Having viewed numerous facilities over the years this is by far the best my family and I have visited. We are so glad to have found Scalabrini to know our mother is being so well looked after is such a relief. When we visit all the residents seem so relaxed and happy in their environment....

    • Ona408
    • Nov 25, 2015

    Needs more staff

    • ltf2015
    • Nov 24, 2015

    Scalabrini Village Bexley(SVB) is a very pleasant, friendly, family oriented environment for our dearly loved ones. The rooms on offer are modern, comfortable and very clean. The premises are modern and very tastefully decorated. Several common areas provide for a multitude of activities, entertainment, mass and relaxation. A typical Italian café on site with a lovely courtyard is available for all to enjoy a range of coffees, drinks, cakes and gelato. The surrounding grounds are filled with beautiful established gardens. A varied range of meals are served to suit all tastes. The staff are very caring, respectable, considerate, committed and attentive to all the needs of residents. A team of loving, dedicated nuns live on site to provide pastoral care and assistance with the needs of ...

    • Carolanne9432
    • Nov 24, 2015

    First impressions of this centre were that it was a clean, comfortable, well cared for centre. Our initial meeting with a staff member inspired confidence and gave us great assurance that my mother-in-law was moving into the best possible place to call home where she would be cared for with respect and dignity by people who genuinely enjoyed their work. The centre has exceeded our expectations.

    • Imogene7603
    • Oct 28, 2015

    My Father has been living in this Aged Care Facility for a year and a half. During this time, his health and happiness has improved due to the care he is given and that he no longer feels anxious about the future or in looking after himself. He enjoys the companionship from both residents and staff and the arranged activities.

    • Neha7285
    • Oct 26, 2015

    The overall environment is the thing that dictates the motivation and the eventual success of an individual to cope with this type of a lifestyle. . There is a problem for people without dementia and huge physical problems to be given a good quality of lifestyle and wellbeing .. Everything seems to be engineered towards the worst off people. If you are not in that category you have to fend for yourself even to suitable exercises being given. .Lucky I am outgoing and I ask for what I need. .

    • SanMichel
    • Oct 26, 2015

    Overall scalabrini village bexley is a well set up, clean and caring aged care facility. Residents and family are all treated with care and respect and they have a great programme to keep the residents active and entertained. The food in both quality and quantity is very good.

    • Else756
    • Oct 25, 2015

    The home is pleasant and clean. It could do with more fresh air circulating through it. Also more staff on the weekend would be good. The staff are on the whole very friendly and helpful.

    • Kody6283
    • Oct 24, 2015

    Staff in dementia specific care have a genuine commitment to ensuring that the residents are well looked after and comfortable in their surroundings.

    • tyson1959
    • Oct 22, 2015

    very clean facility ... well staffed in all areas staff always provide fast and regular feedback to us staff caring and interactive with residents food provides variety good variety of activities for residents to participate in regular bus trips for outigs staff provide the family with updates as they occur medical or personal issues high care is well set out more like a home than a facility

    • Shawna4082
    • Oct 07, 2015

    As far as age care facilties go, Scalabrini Village at Bexley is pretty good. Rooms are pretty small though making it difficult to move in especially with a wheelchair or walker. Also if rooms were more generous in size you would be able to personalize them a little also being able to have a comfy recliner in there would be nice and a comfy chair for visitors or relatives if you wanted to just have a quiet moment.

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Scalabrini Village Bexley offers outstanding accommodation and care in Sydney’s inner west. The Village has undergone a complete refurbishment, including a new dementia specific support unit and sensory garden.
The stunning new Italian café and courtyard area provides a sunny, relaxing space for residents, their families and friends. The resolute focus on staff training and professional development along with its comprehensive pastoral care services has contributed to an outstanding level of care for our residents.
– Italian speaking Religious Sisters, staff and volunteers- Mass and church services- Italian television- Regular outings- Hair salon- Physiotherapy- Occupational Therapy- Dietician- Podiatry- A broad range of activities and therapies including cooking, pet therapy, art and musical therapy, humour therapy, doll therapy
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