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    • K. Adams
    • Sep 27, 2018

    Willowbrae in Templestowe offers a very high standard of care for their residents, the staff are caring, the meals are excellent offering a high quality nutritional menus. There is a doctor who is available if required not a locum service but a Dr who knows the patient. There are daily activities and entertainment programs .

    • Bridgette3215
    • Sep 26, 2018

    The staff support at this facility has been wonderful. Keeping in contact when there is an issue has been informative, regular and immediate. Cleanliness and pride taken in this facility is of the highest standard. It is like a home away from home with client's dignity and happinessmaintained at all times.

    • Maia3142
    • Feb 22, 2018

    A really excellent facility. Staff are very welcoming and responsive and it feels like an extension of the family. Our mother has settled in very well and she is thrilled with her surroundings. There is also plenty of activities to be involved in so that the day passes quickly. Only very positive feedback about our experience so far.

    • Shanna555
    • Jan 18, 2018

    Our mother was a residence of Willowbrae, Aged Care Facility in Templestowe and we cannot be thankful enough for the wonderful care she received, but also the support they provided to me and my sister. The staff are so approachable and the DON is always available to both residents and family. Willowbrae is a wonderful facility and I would have no hesitation in recommending to anyone.

    • Grace Rosella
    • Nov 30, 2017

    My sister and I have been very happy with the quality of care my mum has received. Nothing has been too much trouble when requests were made.

    • Marian7388
    • Jun 26, 2017

    I recently learned that yet another Director of Nursing has resigned from Willowbrae. I have lost count how many there have been in the last few years, 8-10 ? The most recently appointed Director of Nursing was not even going to be full time at Willowbrae and instead be spread thinly over 2 services, that is irrelevant now since she too has resigned. All workplaces need a leader. Someone who is highly trained and can be in charge of the day to day running of the workplace, be a role model and maintain quality control. How can this happen when there is such a high turn over of Directors ? It is the residents who suffer in these circumstances as they live at Willowbrae full time and there is little stability or continuity. The families suffer as they worry what is happening ...

    • Marlen1311
    • Nov 08, 2016

    My mother didn't want to be in respite. I needed a holiday. She was a hard person to please and the staff were patient with her and she ended up enjoying herself.

    • Lorena5982
    • Oct 19, 2016

    The Aged Care Home we have our Mother in is excellent. We feel very fortunate to have been able to get Mum into this home, she is very well looked after, is as happy as she can be considering her illness and the staff are excellent friendly and go above and beyond. We can not recommend this facility highly enough just fantastic. Thank you .

    • Jerry W
    • Oct 19, 2016

    The wonderful care shown to my grandmother was great and thanks go to the staff and management, nothing was any bother to them.

    • Ericka6962
    • Oct 18, 2016

    My Aunty since being in Willow Brae has a new lease on life it has taken her out of the loneliness of being by herself at home. THe staff are great. Spotless and she can get her hair nails done and loves the attention given to her. I have called in at meal times and I feel like staying for tea it smells and looks so good.No one wants to put love ones in age care but unfortunately with life styles today there is no other choice. THank you Willow Brae for the great care to my aunt.

    • 4444
    • Oct 17, 2016

    Stayed in respite for 6 weeks and came home with very bad sores on his back and left heal. Continence care was poorly managed.

    • Marian7388
    • Oct 15, 2016

    It was a very difficult time when it was identified that my father needed to go into Residential Aged Care so I did extensive research before choosing the most suitable facility for my father. I finally decided on Willowbrae Templestowe. There have been numerous incidents, 2 extremly serous and life threatening in the time my father has been there and I have had numerous meeings with all levels of management. To complicare matters there have been at least 5 managers. All made promises but were not there long enough to follow through. The reason why I have not relocated my father to another facility is that with his dementia it could actually be more detrimental to him to move him than to keep him there. All the promises made on the tour and all the information in the handbook do not ...

    • KellyL
    • Oct 11, 2016

    The decision to place your beloved parent in permanent care (even respite) is never an easy one. You feel guilty and that you are betraying the person who brought you up and loved you all your life. It's only when you see their best interests being taken care of that this burden lifts off your shoulders and your heart. When you feel, despite your own inner turmoil, that you have taken an important and correct step in their best interest. This stage is made a lot easier when you can see the care and love they are receiving, and the smile on their face.

    • Savanna839
    • Oct 11, 2016

    The staff are all exceptional. Willowbrae residents are a genuine family. My mother has never been happier! Her quality of life has improved beyond relief. I am extremely grateful knowing that my mum is cared for, safe and happy in her twilight years. Thank you Willowbrae!

    • Stuart Jones
    • Oct 07, 2016

    My mother has been a resident at Willowbrae Templestowe for 14 years. There have been three owners, but some of the staff have remained. Overall, there is a very professional level of care and extremely dedicated personnel who do everything they can to support and nurture the residents. There is a good mix of activities and even a sense of community. The building is well maintained and has changed little over the 14 years. I have no hesitation in recommending Willowbrae Templestowe.

    • Anne8823
    • Sep 17, 2016

    I was very disappointed today. The facility was short staffed, again. The staff were run off their feet. One resident needed adjusting on their chair, staff member went looking for someone to help, put announcement over for help. No dinner time announcement until after 5pm, only a few at the dinner table. I asked who was in charged as all their uniforms are the same. At 5pm, I mentioned to the person in charge that my mum has a sore bottom and needs looked at, that i had been there since 2pm I was told that it had nothing to do with her as she wasnt on thenjQuery22406508897822781692_1474097318671???? and i mentioned that my mum ankle was very sore, even to move or touch it. She went rushing off and said she would look into it. Didnt ask who my mother was.The staff were going to use the ...

    • Ray2708
    • Aug 15, 2016

    About 9 weeks ago I was in Respite at Willowbrae Aged Care Facility 81 Porter St Templestowe. One day a head supervizer invited me for afternoon tea with three permanent residents. There is a small dining room where you can have a coffee and biscuits any time of the day. After introductions, we were offered hot chocolate or tea with more biscuits which was very nice. The "Supervizer" had the Herald Sun and read the news and headlines. It was a very pleasant hour or so and a very pleasant way to bring the residents together. I enjoyed every minute of my stay and I would go back anytime, especially with such wonderful staff to look after you, and such a lovely room to myself. Many thanks, Nancye Lord.

    • Tristin3493
    • Jul 10, 2016

    We have found Willow Brae Templestowe to be the best facility for our family Member. The Facility is always immaculately kept, Staff at all levels are very kind and caring with only the best interest of residents a priority. They are more than helpful with any queries we have had. We are thrilled to have found such a wonderful home for our mother to be safe and happy.

    • Samantha5421
    • Jul 01, 2016

    There has been several facility managers (4) in 2016. This has seen an obvious fall in moral and staff turnover. The saving grace here are the two activity staff members, senior nurse and chef.

    • Leo001
    • Jun 30, 2016

    I could not have choosen a better place for my mother but here at Willowbrae Tenplestowe. Everything is just great, all the staff are very caring, the food is restuarant quality and cooked daily and the building is clean, no odour and the layout is easy for the residents to understand and make their way around. Nothing negative to say about the place.

    • Edison1734
    • Jun 29, 2016

    Could have more visitor parking

    • Liana5953
    • Jun 29, 2016

    As an organisation you need to keep the amazing staff you have currently.

    • Zackery9133
    • Jun 29, 2016

    Couldn't be happier with the care and consideration given to residents and their families. Food, facilities and recreational activities all of a very high standard.

    • Ashley1050
    • Dec 17, 2015

    Willowbrae is a very attractive place - not too large about 48 residents. The staff are friendly and kind to the residents. My mother-in-law has been at Willowbrae for over six years and is now 102 years of age so I have seen a lot of changes in this time mostly good. The garden is kept neat and tidy and there is a nice area out the back with Gazebo and BBQ.

    • Liliana9475
    • Dec 03, 2015

    my mother has been a resident for many years @ Willowbrae in Templestowe. the staff are amazing in the care that they deliver. the communication with family is always friendly and very informative. I always feel that my mother is being treated with respect and dignity.

    • Larraine Waldron
    • Oct 10, 2015

    Choosing a facility for a family member is difficult. First impressions are important. The accommodation should be clean, bright and smell fresh, but it is the staff that makes a difference. At Willowbrae the staff are all friendly, helpful, caring and always willing to discuss any concerns with family. Activities are well planned, varied and interesting. Recently there was a “Pleasant Sunday Afternoon.” It was great to see so many happy faces on residents and family alike. Rooms are always clean and tidy with respect for resident’s privacy. Generally there is a good feeling at Willowbrae.

    • lja59
    • Jun 16, 2015

    Choosing the right Aged Care Facility for a loved one is one of the hardest and biggest decisions we have ever had to make. We are thrilled with the choice we made of Willow Brae Templestowe, our mother is extremely well looked after and is cared for as part of the whole Willowbrae Family. It is very reassuring to see her happy and content. If we ask for follow up on care or any other queries they are always dealt with promptly and professionally. All the residents are treated as individuals and with the greatest respect and care. The facility is always clean and well maintained and never smells.(something we were very concerned about at other homes we viewed). The gardens are beautiful and a joy for the residents to spend time in. We are extremely fortunate with all the staff at ...

    • Grateful Daughter
    • May 29, 2015

    My darling father was beautifully looked after for the last 10 months of his life. We are all grateful for that.

    • Marcos1782
    • May 26, 2015

    A very positive attitude from staff, warm and friendly, always receptive to a chat whether clinical or social. Has promoted a positive attitude and improved the quality of life of my mother. The loss of my father who was also a resident, was handled with due respect and diligence, my mother was monitored and emotionally cared for in a warm, comforting and understanding manner. I consider it very fortunate that she is there

    • 123456789
    • May 25, 2015

    Each resident is treated with respect and very genuine care by all staff. Very friendly and warm atmosphere. Not at all like an "institution", has a very homely feel. Manager and staff are very approachable and follow up on requests. Clean and well looked after facility. Family is included.

    • blokestuff
    • May 24, 2015

    A caring group of people

    • plusted1
    • May 21, 2015

    Since the car came thru the wall there has been VERY Slow progress in repairs and painting is STILL outstanding. During this period several personal items were lost.

    • irene82
    • Feb 19, 2014

    Me and my partner have been inspecting Aged care homes to find a suitable place for my partner's mum. At first, I was a bit disappointed when I checked this place because at the door entry, there was a sign to ring the doorbell and use the hand sanitiser before entering. The hand sanitiser was empty and I rang a few times only to find out that the door was unlocked. Hmmm, security issue. When I opened the door, I was so pleased with the its classic style and relaxed ambience. This place is great! I was greeted with friendly staff members and the place is just so clean and organised. What makes this home stands out from the rest is its private room with ensuites. I think it will be a good transition for my partner's mum who lives in a family home and still have that privacy if she moves ...

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About Willowbrae TemplestoweWillowbrae Templestowe is a modern, purpose-built 49 bed low care facility, situated alongside Westerfolds Park, with its natural bush reserves and open areas, bounded by the Yarra River, yet it is also close to shops, medical services, churches, clubs and public transport. Each resident has their own individual bed-sitting room, wired for free to air and cable television, private telephone as well as a private en-suite. Quality curtains, light fittings and built in wardrobes make each room attractive and comfortable. Willowbrae also offers ageing-in-place and respite care.

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    Single Room + Private Ensuite

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    Quality curtains and light fittings, ceiling fans, hydronic heating and built in wardrobes make each room attractive and comfortable. Rooms are wired for free to air and cable television, private telephone and Foxtel can be connected at residents' expense. The private ensuites are equipped with a fold away shower seat, anti-scalding thermo-valve taps, grab rails and non-slip floors. Residents have the option to furbish their own bedroom if they desire.

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    Deluxe Room

    Deluxe Room

    Max occupancy: 1
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    Quality curtains and light fittings, ceiling fans, hydronic heating and built in wardrobes make each room attractive and comfortable.  Rooms are wired for free to air and cable television, private telephone and Foxtel can be connected at residents' expense. The private ensuites are equipped with a fold away shower seat, anti-scalding thermo-valve taps, grab rails and non-slip floors. Residents have the option to furbish their own bedroom if they desire.

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